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Professional Speaker Services for Events & Seminars - Are you seeking a motivational or educational speaker who has something different and exciting to say? Morse Mehrban, Esq. has been a revolutionary solo practitioner in Los Angeles, California since 1998. Since then, he has struggled to support various causes affecting all Californians, regardless of their popularity, including consumer rights, consumer protection, California civil rights and more. Morse Mehrban has been counsel, lead counsel, and class counsel, in several civil cases and class action litigation proceedings from the lower courts all the way through the California Supreme Court, and has 13 published opinions to his credit. 

This smart, lawyer-like tale is only one side of his story. It started when Mr. Mehrban was a new attorney who searched for meaning and justice in the court system—only to find he had opened the door to a lifetime of struggle against corporate America and an entire system that shuns individual rights. Although it has been a tough road, and he has quite a story to tell, Morse Mehrban enjoys sharing the wisdom, knowledge and inspiration he has gained through this constant struggle in the court system. His novel cases have earned him a reputation, and have opened the eyes and ears of American audiences everywhere. Morse Mehrban has been featured, consulted or interviewed in the following media, programs and television stations, sometimes on multiple occasions:
CNN News
Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees: Gary Tuchman Reports
Channel 7 News
KTLA Channel 9 News
KCRW Radio: This American Life
Forbes Magazine
The Los Angeles Times newspaper and various local newspapers throughout California