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ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance Consulting for Business Owners
Save thousands of dollars by making your business compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, by avoiding potential civil liabilities. Learn from an attorney who is responsible for shaping California law itself. Morse Mehrban, Esq. has been an advocate for the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 for several years.

Since the ADA’s passage over 20 years ago, little has been done by business owners to make their facilities accessible to the disabled. The California legislature has therefore cracked down on California business owners by providing for $4,000 in statutory penalties against business owners for each violation of the act.

Morse Mehrban, and his law firm, the Law Offices of Morse Mehrban, have been representing disabled Californians in enforcing their rights through lawsuits against California businesses who denied these individuals equal access to their facilities. The lawsuits seek payment of statutory damages of at least $4,000 against businesses. Therefore, Morse Mehrban is the most experienced attorney regarding these claims, and how they can be avoided.
However, to Morse Mehrban, the enforcement of California’s disability rights laws and the Federal ADA is only one part of moving forward in the disabled persons’ civil rights movement. Morse Mehrban feels that efforts to urge compliance with these laws are also facilitated by educating business owners on how to be in compliance with these laws. As a result, Morse Mehrban offers consulting services to California business owners that will educate them, explain the law, and explain what architectural changes in the facility are required to conform to these provisions.

Furthermore, businesses must understand that under California law, both the landlord and the tenant may be held liable for the statutory damages in question. It is therefore not a wise decision to assume that you are not responsible for making the premises accessible to the physically disabled. Before being faced with an expensive lawsuit, take advantage of Morse Mehrban’s consulting services today.

Conflict Of Interest Warning:
An attorney faces a conflict of interest when the interests he represents are adverse to each other, which could possibly corrupt his motivation in either. In the legal profession, under the attorney’s duty of loyalty to his clients, an attorney is prohibited from representing anyone whose interests are adverse to a present client. Since Morse Mehrban is California’s leading advocate for disability rights, he represents several clients who are proceeding with civil claims against businesses who have denied them equal access. As such, once a business is being sued in such a claim, it would be adverse to that disabled client’s interests for Mr. Mehrban to advise, consult or otherwise represent that business in any way. In other words, once you or your business has been served with such a lawsuit, Morse Mehrban will be unable to assist you. Morse Mehrban’s consulting services are only intended as a preventative measure that businesses should take.
Similarly, once Morse Mehrban provides ADA compliance consulting services to you or your business, he will not be permitted to represent a disabled client against you or your business. Morse Mehrban takes his professional responsibility duties very seriously, and guarantees full loyalty to all consulting clients.